Located just a few miles from the FEW Spirits distillery is one of Chicago’s most infamous bars - Delilah’s. FEW celebrated the 23rd anniversary of Delilah’s with a limited release American Whiskey. Tasked with creating the package design for this commemorative whiskey, we knew we had to create a design that captured the spirit of Delilah’s while remaining true to the FEW Spirits brand style.

A bold use of color paired with gold foiling creates a thoughtful contrast and illuminates a custom illustration of the bar, creating an inviting and alluring label.


  • Informative design - As a new kind of spirit, additional context is shared with the consumer using thin text on the label without causing overcrowding; the green pattern in the background reads “RAW VEGAN”, reinforcing the differentiating characteristic of the spirit
  • Debossing - The green pattern in the background, as well as the waves, are debossed into the label as a print finish
  • Embossing with Spot Varnish - In contrast to the background, the brand marks and product name are embossed and finished with a heavy spot varnish for maximum effect


Your business only turns 150 years old once. While helping the family of Old Dominick determine the next chapter for their business, Thoroughbred first took a holistic approach to understand the passion and heritage of the new generation taking over the reins, including their legacy, as well as their commitment and love of Memphis. What developed was a distillery business paying homage to their great-grandfather’s connection to the spirits industry. As a complete business strategy was developed, as well as financial modeling, site selection, product development, contract production, and bourbon sourcing, and while their 20,000 sqft. downtown Memphis distillery was being erected, they were going to be celebrating a very important birthday. We didn’t want to miss this opportunity for the brand, as such, this product was released to honor that milestone and the family patriarch.

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